Pearl(hongqiao) Market

Pearl Market (Hongqiao)

Categori:   Flee/Street Market
Ranking:   #6 of 265 Shopping in Beijing
Adress:      9 Tiantan Road, Beijing China

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 Ah, the Pearl Market!  There are 5 floors here, the elevator will only take you to 4, 5 must be  done by the stairs unless you are savvy enough to find the vendor elevator.  Fresh fish for sale  in the basement is a thing of the past, but the odor still lingers when the wind blows right.  There is a wild mix of merchandise here, everything you can buy in Beijing can be found in this market, but the claim to fame is pearls.  If you're in the market for a real strand of freshwaters cheap, try floors 3 and 4 where you must bargain hard, but if you're after the real McCoy and ready to pay, the only floor is 5.  Here you will find the Tahitians, or South Sea saltwater pearls at prices you won't
This photo of Pearl Market (Hongqiao Market) is courtesy of TripAdvisor believe.  If your budget doesn't include a full strand, perhaps a ring or necklace might be more your style.  Their price for gold settings is good (most of the settings come from Hong Kong), but the price for pearls is exceptional.  14MM blacks with just enough flaw to prove they are real and unbelievable luster go for around $200 USD each pearl.  Try finding that size in most markets let alone that quality, and  you will be looking at 5x the price.

Also available are all colors and shapes of pearls, natural and dyed.  Indulge your taste for the latest fad, stringing multiple colors on one strand.  Here it is easy, because all work is custom, so any lenght or combination is possible, and it won't take long.  Jade, Russian Amber, Coral and even some Australian Opal can be found in the side cases.  Here is where you will find the dealers that serve the Embassies and Flight Attendants, and they can work in your currency to eliminate the confusion of converting the price to Yuan.  Have fun and try not to bring too many strands home!

I will assist you when you want to go shopping at Hongqiao market, give you a hint when to Haggle and do my best to help you to avoid fraud and scam attempt. Hongqiao market is located close to Temple of Heaven, it could be a part of City Tour.