kungfu show

Kungfu show at red theatre
Show time: Daily 17:15--18:35 and 19:30--20:30
Address: No.44 Xingfu da jie ,Chongwen District,Beijing 

N:oDescriptionTheatre List priceMy Discount Price 
1Side or Upstairs180 RMB125 RMB 
2Mid Rows 1-4 or 12-22280 RMB200 RMB 
3Mid Rows 9-11380 RMB300 RMB 
4Mid Rows 5-8680 RMB600 RMB 

1. I will hold a sign with your name at Red Theatre and give you the tickets
2. If you need I can provide transport service to and from the venue, transfer cost 200 RMB round-trip